Privacy policy of adventure cars

Adventure Cars is a place from where you can get all true and reliable information about the adventure cars available around the globe. We take the pride for what we provide. In order to provide you the authentic and the most valid listing information and details, we give our best effort to the collection of data from reliable sources. We provide the information of all adventure cars such as jeeps, arctic trucks and all other off-road vehicles. We are trustable in terms of validity of our provided details.

Our privacy policy

We always take care of the personal data of our users and avoid disclosing it in any case as we are highly concerned about your safety. We don’t use any sort of individual information of our readers for personal use and promotional uses. We keep your data safe all the time.

Personal Information You Submit

Following the healthy and standard rules and regulations of privacy, we always disallow ourselves to use your personal data for advertisements. We receive your personal information such as name, contact number and email address but it’s always kept concealed. We don’t send our updated news to our users through emails and text messages if they disallow us. In case, they ask for updated news, we send then with their permission.

Demographic details collected via Google Analytics

We always strive for increasing our standards to provide the best services to our readers. In order to let this happen, we collect your personal information through Google Analytics. This information reveals your name, gender, age and email address but we always keep your data safe to ensure your safety in all terms. If our users do not allow us for this, they can opt out of this using ads setting. We collect your information for making analysis and assessments but in this process, your data remains safe with us.