Best SUV for Off-Road Adventures: Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 Revealed

The all-new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 is being regarded as the best SUV for off-road experience manufactured by Nissan till now. Although Nissan is known for the creation of such attractive SUVs and is followed by car enthusiasts in the UAE for that, but the latest one is being regarded as the best among the lot.

Several other features that differentiate Nismo from the previous SUVs from the line-up include an enhanced horsepower, better suspension and improved performance that ensures the experience of the real off-road adventure vehicle.

What makes the Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 the best SUV for off-roading?

Apart from driving SUV enthusiasts towards it with a really attractive outlook, a significant amount of work has been done in order to ensure the optimum performance in the Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 while keeping the desert terrain of the UAE into consideration.

Certain features that make it one of the leading SUVs in the vicinity include better handling, high acceleration and a comfortable driving experience. With that been said, let us move towards a detailed look into the huge SUV.

Beautifying the off-road adventure

The Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 is the perfect combination of class and performance. Talking about its design, the SUV has been created in a way to provide the best off-road adventure ever. This is so because the charming outlook comprising of several smartly formed curves and edges that keeps the all eyes on it. The latest technological aspects in the interior ensure a comfortable and adventurous off-roading experience.

Mesmerizing outlook

Talking about the exterior, it is not only catchy and stylish, but some real solid material has been used in order to provide strength to the beautiful structure. As the terrain demands the exterior of the vehicle to be strong in order to bear the bumpy surface of the area, the renowned manufacturers have a keen eye over this point.

Mesmerizing outlook

Moreover, strength is required all over the structure rather than its body and that is why a large wheel base with the inclusion of 22-inch alloy wheels provides the required capacity to the SUV so that it could provide the desired off-road adventure.

It does not end here as the latest Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 provides a great deal of diversity when it comes to the colour selection. Whenever the purchase of a vehicle is under consideration, the colour scheme is a major contributing factor in this regard. However, the latest Nismo 2017 enables the buyer with the opportunity to choose from a number of colour schemes.

For instance, the grill at the front of the SUV includes a wide range of colours that include red as the most prominent one. All the available colours are quite attractive and adding to the beauty of the adventurous off-roading experience.

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A catchy interior

Apart from all the features that make Nissan Nismo 2017 beautiful from the outside, the concerned authorities have put a considerable amount of effort in ensuring that a comfortable and luxurious experience is provided to the users.

A catchy interior

This has been done so by the inclusion of state-of-the-art technology while designing its interior. The strength of the engine combined with an attractive outlook make it the best SUV for off-road adventures in the UAE.

The luxurious experience ensured by the provision of several features includes really comfortable leather seats along with attractive door and window panels. In addition to that, the interior has been made to ensure a luxurious experience because of the inclusion of Bluetooth telephony, satellite navigation, screens for the entertainment at the rear seats, and a power base system including 9 speakers to make the off-road experience unforgettable.

Enhancing performance

In spite of all the features making the SUV beautiful to look at and sit in, the primary concern of the buyer while purchasing an SUV is its performance. Whenever the question of the best SUV comes into discussion, the major differentiating factor is the strength of the engine.

As mentioned previously, Nissan has been operating in the region since a long time that makes it aware of the desired features. That is why a considerable amount of increase has been made in the horsepower (400 hp to 428 hp), whereas the inclusion of Nismo-tuned suspension as well as the Bilstein shock absorbers in the latest Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 have resulted in it being ranked as the best SUV for off-road adventure in the UAE.

Ensuring safety

As the difficulties of an uneven terrain and unpredictable weather conditions have been mentioned previously, the safety of the driver is also a major concern for the car manufacturing companies nowadays. The traditional approach in this regard included a number of techniques that were reactive.

Ensuring safety

However, the unpredictability in the weather conditions has evolved the need for the use of certain pre-emptive techniques that fall under the category of driver assistance. Similarly, the all-new Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 includes a number of standard safety features for driver assistance including a warning for forward collision as well as lane departure. In addition to that, several other pre-emptive measures include an adaptive cruise control and satellite navigation whereas the remaining assistance is provided in the form of hill start and parking assist.

Protection from the weather

As a matter of fact, the UAE is often amidst disturbing and unexpected weather conditions. The frequent sand storms and the untimely heavy showers of rain make driving even more difficult in the terrain. So, the best SUV for off-road experience is the one able to cope with these challenges.

Protection from the weather

We know that visibility comes to almost zero when the UAE is hit by the sand storms whereas the heavy rain showers disrupt the balance of the vehicle because of the desert terrain. Several car manufacturing brands find it quite challenging to deal with these circumstances.

However, Nissan has been operating in the vicinity since 5 decades, which make it quite adept with the terrain. As a result, the latest Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 has been designed to drive in a wide range of climatic conditions making it the best SUV for off-road experience.

The Price of the Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017

The luxurious experience described previously does require a considerable amount of operational cost in order to make it all happen. However, the price of the latest Nissan Patrol Nismo 2017 is AED 391,000 that makes it the ideal selection of the SUV enthusiasts residing in the UAE. Considering all the features on a comparative note with the price of this gigantic beauty makes it one the best SUV for off-road adventure in the UAE.