2018 Toyota RAV4 – Best SUV for off road Adventures

Toyota introduced the best SUV for off road adventures, as the company revealed its new adventure vehicle RAV4 at Chicago Auto Show. It is said to hit the market in September and it is a revised version of model 2017. In 2018 model, the company has revealed the new model of the vehicle with a slightly elevated exterior and luxurious interior. It also has underbody armor and fender flares.

This best SUV off road is a standard front wheel drive and Toyota also gives an option of all-wheel drive in this mid-size SUV. The length of 2018 Toyota RAV4 is 104.7-inch, its width is 61.8-inch and height is said to be 67.1 inches. On the other hand, it is expected that the weight of this adventures vehicle will be 3455lb. Toyota will launch its new 2018 RAV4 in 5 exterior colors that include Black, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Silver Sky Metallic, Super White and Ruby Flare Pearl.

Design of best SUV for off road 2018 Toyota RAV4

The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is the best SUV off road and it has an impressive exterior and a fabulous interior that appeals people to not only give it a second look, but it also appeals them to give it a drive. It is a best adventure vehicle that gives a comfortable ride and ensures an enjoyable trip.

Design of best SUV for off road 2018 Toyota RAV4

Astonishing Exterior

The exterior of this best SUV off road is simply outstanding and it appeals to SUV enthusiasts. The front and rear bumper of this SUV off road are body colored, but the front bumper is armed with a grey strip at the center. The windshield is nicely fitted in 2018 Toyota RAV4 and is fortified with intermitted wiper de-icer that automatically starts in rain and foggy condition that helps the driver to keep the focus on road. The side of the vehicle are also body colored, but it is fitted with grey boundary lines that enhance the beauty of this best off road mid-size SUV.

Exterior of 2018 Toyota RAV4

The windows are superbly painted with grey strips that give a boost to the exterior of this 2018 Toyota RAV4 and glass of the windows are black-tinted that save the driver and passengers from direct sunlight.

The lights give this 2018 Toyota RAV4 an aggressive yet catchy look, the vehicle is equipped with blacked-out headlight trim and black-fog lamp that helps the driver to see more clearly at night and in bad weather condition.

Towing capacity of this vehicle is very good as it is capable of towing up to 1,500 pounds and the towing capacity of its hybrid version is 1,750 pounds.

The cargo capacity of this mid-size SUV is excellent as its RAV4 version gives 38.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity and with folded rear seats you can enjoy 73.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The RAV4 Hybrid version gives less cargo capacity due to the additional powertrain components, its cargo capacity is 35.6 cubic feet and with the folded rear seats it gives 70.6 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

It is a best off road SUV, therefore as expected, it has big tyres with a wide wheel base that maximize the thrill of off-road driving. Toyota announced to fit 18-inch five spoke black alloy wheels with 235/55R18 tyres.

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Catchy Interior

The interior of 2018 Toyota RAV4 is an eye catcher that appeals people to give it a second look. The seats of this 2018 Toyota RAV4 are very comfortable that helps to give a relaxing trip to its riders. The front seats have an optional Cold weather package that provides a Heating System to the front seats that helps the driver in cold and chilly weather conditions.

Interior of 2018 Toyota RAV4

The steering wheel of the vehicle is beautifully wrapped in the leather that not only enhances the beauty of this vehicle, but it also provides a strong grip to a driver on a steering wheel. It is also equipped with Heating System that gives a warm feeling to the driver in cold and chilling weather. The steering wheel is armed with technological features that help the driver to control the system by just pressing a button. The features of steering wheel include steering wheel audio control and CD player control.

The interior of this vehicle is fitted with a dual zone automatic climate control system that helps the driver and passengers to set the temperature of 2018 Toyota RAV4 according to their need and it also helps them to enjoy the trip in more comfortable way.

Powertrain of 2018 Toyota RAV4

Toyota used a powerful engine in its new vehicle 2018 model RAV4, as it is best SUV for off road so the performance of this vehicle should be outstanding. Keeping this in mind, Toyota fitted 2.5-litre 4 Cylinder engine that produces 176hp and 172Nm of torque and the Toyota Hybrid produces 194hp.

Powertrain of 2018 Toyota RAV4

 It has 6-speed automatic transmission and its estimated fuel efficiency is 23 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. Its combined estimated fuel efficiency is 25 mpg. The fuel tank capacity of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 is approximately 15.9 gallon.

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Toyota fitted the latest technology in its 2018 Toyota RAV4, they fitted 7.0-inch touch screen in 2018 Toyota RAV4 and it is featured with Toyota Entune Infotainment System, Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM Stereo, Auxiliary Audio Input and MP3 Player. The vehicle is also fitted with HD Radio, CD player, and Satellite Radio.

Safety Features

The best off road SUV is fitted with the latest safety features to make this vehicle safer for trips and especially for off road trips. The safety features of this vehicle are as follows:

Safety Features

  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Child Safety Rear Door Locks
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Traction Control
  • Fog Lamps
  • Parking Aid
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • Back-Up Camera
  • Stability Control
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Side Impact Beams
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Pre-Collision System
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensor
  • Outboard Front Lap and Shoulder Safety Belts
  • Front Camera
  • Left Side Camera
  • Right Side Camera


The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is a midsize SUV off road. Toyota has not revealed the exact price of the vehicle, but it is said that it will cost between $25,000 and up to $31,000 and it is considered to be a great purchase because of its outlook and features. It is an ideal vehicle if you are looking for the best SUV for off road adventures.